Elegant Places was established in September 2011 establishing a passion for a style that is uniquely Cape reminiscent of the Cape of Good Hope. No where else in the world are these types of establishments shown so consistency and have so much time taken care of, with attention to detail, to reflect their former glory.

Through that I've set-up relationships with my pre-selected suppliers that are the best reflection of an old age past brought up to modern times. I've access to these beautiful properties to show you how lovely they are and where time simply stands still.

The styled 'gables' follow certain characteristics and features that all faithfully followed. All plastered with absolute precision that are masterpieces in their own right. However their intricacies show that they are all different, from simple lines or ornate swishes and twirls. Like all individuals they reflect their own personality that shines through.

Come on an adventure with me as we peak through the 300 year old Cape Oak trees and step into a world that is like no other.

Since then, we have evolved into a portfolio of the best investment properties.

Our 'hidden' meaning

  • Our circles, ovals and ellipses project a positive emotional message. It suggests community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Rings with an implication of marriage and partnership, suggesting stability and endurance. Curves that are feminine in nature.

  • The symbol in the middle was created to look like a ribbon that ties together a gift. A service that provides a fully tailored package in a way that the client feels like they are receiving a gift.

  • The felinity of the design has been balanced to include the masculine component, creating sophistication in the simplicity at the centre of it all.